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Located roughly half way between Adelaide and Melbourne on the Western Highway, Nhill is surrounded by a rich wheat producing region.  The township has a very diverse population of over 2,000 people and serves the local farming communities, has a role as a central transport hub between the two cities and has a major duck processing plant as the major industry.

It was formerly a Cobb and Co coach stop for the long inland journey between Adelaide and Melbourne and now services truck transports on the route, is a stop on the interstate railway and has its own airport.

Since 2010 the township has very successful integrated Karen, Burmese people with over 100 now living and working in the town.

Nhill is just a few kilometers north of the Little Desert National Park.

John shaw neilson
See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

One of Australia’s notable poets, John Shaw Neilson. Neilson moved with his family to the Wimmera region in 1881 and arrived at Nhill in 1889 where Neilson began writing at the age of 17. Self-educated, Neilson wrote lyrically poems about nature and life as he knew it. Neilson’s family home from his birthplace in Penola, South Australia was relocated to Nhill and stands as the John Shaw Neilson National Memorial Cottage

Nhill Horse Statue

The memorial in the township dedicated to the draught horses that made the successful cultivation of the land possible.  The horses, bred from Scottish Clydesdales and England Sires, worked the land and hauled produce until replaced by tractors in the 1920s.