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Located on the doorstep of the Wyperfeld National Park and adjacent to Lake Lascelles and Coorong, Hopetoun is a township of some 600 people and the major service centre for the southern region of the Mallee.

The original homestead of the first settlers to the area on what was called the Lake Corrong Run and located next to the lake.  The first settlers were the McGinnis family who arrived and worked the property from 1846.

The property was then sold to Edward Lascelles and others in 1876. Lascelles, who shortly became the sole owner, is said to be the founder the town and in fact, by some to be the ‘father of the Mallee’, having set aside lots on his original property for share-farming (one third of the crop going to the owner) and set aside an area for the township proper.

Lots within the township were offered for sale in 1891.

The monument for Edward Harewood Lascelles.  Born in Tasmania, Lascelles moved to Victoria and as part of the family business became a wool broker.  In 1876, Lascelles’ interest in the Mallee area took fruit and he moved to the Lake Corrong Run on which the township of Hopetoun now stands. Lascelles established more pastoral and agricultural properties and at one time had leased 275 square kms.  Lascelles also established an experimental farm as a show piece of what the region could produce and was instrumental in bring farming families to the area and eventually even the railway to Hopetoun.

The township holds the record for suffering through the highest temperature period in the state, that of 48.8c in 2009 and thankfully hasn’t been repeated since.