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Chaffey Trail

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The Chaffey Trail is a tour of the various aspects of the irrigation system introduced to Mildura by William and George Chaffey that transformed the region from an arid cattle run to one of the most vibrant agricultural areas of the state.

The tour is a walk and drive self guided adventure – to obtain a booklet that outlines the tour see the Chaffey Trail website.

Photograph by Longhair [CC BY 2.5 ], via Wikimedia Commons

The Psyche Bend pumping station built by the Chaffey brothers in 1891.The water was pumped from the Murray River to Kings Billabong where it was distributed to agricultural areas via a series of channels. The steam powered pump was replaced in 1959 with an electric powered pump.  The original pump house (shown) now contains the original pump is working condition and it operates on major holiday weekends.

05982-Mildura-1905-Billabong Pumping Station-Brück & Sohn Kunstverlag
By Brück & Sohn Kunstverlag Meißen [CC0], from Wikimedia Commons

A 1905 shot of the Kings Billabong Pumping station, also built by the Chaffeys in 1891.  This pumping station was steam powered – note the large piles of wood used to supply the boilers for the pumps.


Rio Vista, the home of William Chaffey and his family from 1892.  Chaffey family members retained possession of the house until 1950 when it was purchased by the Mildura City Council as an historic homestead. The homestead is open daily 10am – 5pm. Closed Christmas Day and Good Friday.