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While not the only region where gold was discovered in Victoria, an area in a rough triangular shape between St Arnaud, Ararat, Bendigo, Castlemaine and Ballarat became known as the ‘golden triangle.

Beginning in 1851, this ‘golden triangle’ was the site of one of the world’s largest gold rushes and changed the state of Victoria forever.

Bendigo Pottery

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Australia’s oldest working pottery Established in 1858, the heritage listed Bendigo Pottery is Australia’s oldest working pottery. In addition to… Read More »Bendigo Pottery


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Virtually in the centre of the Golden Triangle of Ararat, Bendigo, Ballarat and Castlemaine, Maryborough was once the administrative centre… Read More »Maryborough


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Built from one of the world’s richest alluvial goldfields. Ballarat had only recently been established as a pastoral settlement, when… Read More »Ballarat


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Victoria’s first goldfield of the 1851 gold rush.  As the location of Victoria’s first goldfield of the 1851 gold rush,… Read More »Castlemaine