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West Gippsland

A region roughly from the eastern edge of Melbourne and the Yarra Ranges, to the beginnings of the Australian alps, including several towns and villages along the Princess Highway and to the coal mining area of Latrobe Valley.

West Gippsland is a rich agricultural area, criss-crossed with rivers, forests and historic villages and townships.


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Located in the east of the Latrobe Valley, just a few kilometers east of Morwell, Traralgon is the largest and… Read More »Traralgon


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Moe is the chief residential area (with a population somewhere over 16,000) for the brown coal industry of the Latrobe… Read More »Moe


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With a population of around 14,000, Morwell is the administrative centre for the Latrobe Valley and a city built around… Read More »Morwell


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Warragul is a modern city sitting in the prime dairy country of Gippsland.   The city is central to some… Read More »Warragul


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Step back in time to the days of Gippsland gold mining. Walhalla is a great vacation stop to see the… Read More »Walhalla


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North of Warragul and on the way to Mount Baw Baw, Noojee is a township of something over 200 people and serves the… Read More »Noojee


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Next to Lake Glenmaggie and on the Thompson River, is the timber and dairy town of Heyfield.  The township has a population… Read More »Heyfield


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For travellers beginning any vacation heading east on the Princess Highway, the town is an early port of call. A… Read More »Bunyip


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On the Princess Highway just 10kms west of Moe, sits the dairy town of Trafalgar.  The town is a short distance… Read More »Trafalgar

Old Gippstown

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Located in the city of Moe, Old Gippstown is a reconstructed pioneer village; taking buildings, artifacts and vehicles from various Gippsland… Read More »Old Gippstown