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Franklin Gordon Wild Rivers National Park

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Franklin Gordon Wild Rivers – some four and a half thousand square kilometers of remarkable wilderness

The Franklin Gordon Wild Rivers National Park is just 117 kilometers west of Hobart and is part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage area.

The national park consists of almost 4,500 square kilometers of rainforest, soaring peaks, gorges and the wild rivers – the Franklin and the Gordon – which give it its name.  

The park is accessible via the Lyell Highway which begins in the east at Hobart and eventually runs through the middle of the park on the way to Strahan on Macquarie Harbour

As an alternative, the park can be reached via cruise boat from Strahan.

Nelson Falls
JJ Harrison (https://www.jjharrison.com.au/) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Nelson Waterfall

The thirty meter high and  picturesque Nelson Waterfall sits within the ancient Gondwana rainforest that is found  throughout the park 

King William Saddle landscape 20171121-018
Gary Houston [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

King William Range 

The range is a series of three peaks adjacent to the Lyell Highway and the source of the Gordon River catchment.

Mt Darwin

West Coast Range

Mount Darwin, part of the West Coast Range to the north east of Macquarie Harbor.

Defined by two mighty rivers

The convergence of the Franklin and Gordon rivers. 

The Franklin River is particularly noteworthy as not being impeded along its length and truly a wild river known for white water rapids.

While the Gordon itself is a remarkable river over its 172 kilometer length, it has been used as a source of hydro-electrical power at the dam on Lake Gordon.  Through the work of conservationists the Franklin has been spared this. 

Frenchmans Cap, March 2016
Bohwaz [FAL], via Wikimedia Commons

Frenchmans Cap

Frenchmans Cap on the Franklin River, at 1446 meters above sea level can be seen from the west coast of Tasmania and was used as a navigation mark.

Lake Rhona - Franklin Gordon Wild Rivers National Park

Denison Range and Lake Rhona

Looking down on Lake Rhona from the walking trail to Reeds Peak, a part of the Denison Range, to the north of Lake Gordon.