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Mole Creek Karst National Park

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The Mole Creek karst system is a large series of limestone caves that actually extend beyond the boundaries of the park itself. There are two caves that are prepared and open to the public and they are the Marakoopa and King Solomon caves.

The caves are about 15 kilometers to the west of the small township of Mole Creek.

The King Solomon cave is 228 meters long with wide pathways and one large dry central cavern. This cave was discovered by hunters in 1906, 6 years before the Marakoopa cave.

The caves sit in a beautifully forested national park. The entire area of which, in fact, has a series of underground rivers and sink holes scattered through it.

The Marakoopa Cave includes two streams that run through it, a glow worm chamber and large caverns that have impressive sandstone formations including the 5 meter high Grand Canyon.

The caves can be seen during guided tours and details can be found at the Parks and Wldlife Service Tasmania website.

The caves facility include toilets, water and picnic shelters with wood and electric barbeques. However, no camping is permitted within the parks boundaries.