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Low Head

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Located on the east side of the Tamar River and just a few minutes from George Town, this small settlement contains a historic lighthouse and pilot station and a popular surf and diving beach.

Looking along the beach at Lows Head toward the Lighthouse from the penguin viewing platform at the mouth of the Tamar.  


Beyond the peninsula where the lighthouse is located is East Beach, the ocean surf beach.

There is a colony of little penguins that nest on the beach and which can been seen returning from the ocean as part of nightly viewing tours.

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The boat of the Low Head Pilot Station used to guide shipping through the mouth of the Tamar River – said to have been in operation since 1805 and Australia’s oldest.  The river is tidal with changing currents and dangerous reefs and headlands around its mouth and the Pilot is a welcome sight to shipping entering the estuary.

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The historic Low Head lighthouse began operation in 1833 in response to serious shipping accidents that had occurred at the mouth of the river.  The lightstation also includes Tasmania’s only fog horn.  The lighthouse was rebuilt in 1888 which is what can be seen today.   

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The Low Head Pilot Station Maritime Museum is just one building of the several making up the historic pilot station, with the earliest built in 1835.  Others include a coxwain’s cottage, boat crew cottages, school house, pilot’s cottage, church, octagonal chart room, workshop and boat shed.