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Cataract Gorge Reserve

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One of the most visited things to do in Tasmania, Cataract Gorge, is literally in walking distance of the western edge of the city of Launceston.

Cataract Gorge
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The gorge is where the South Esk River proceeds through a gorge of towering cliffs and enters the cataract formed where the south and north Esk Rivers meet to form the Tamar River.

The reserve covers 158 hectares and has walking tracks along the cliff face beside the river and the recreational area of First Basin with its cafe, swimming pool and access to the reserve chairlift

Water Park in Launceston Tasmania

First Basin is where the river widens after leaving the gorge cliff faces and contains a recreation area, cafe, swimming pool and the terminal for the chairlift. o.

Alexandra Suspension bridge - launceston tasmania

The Suspension Bridge built in 1904 is one way to cross the gorge.   The other is via a chairlift with spectacular views of the gorge, its 308 metre single span of the 457 metre total length, is said to be the longest span for such a lift in the world.