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Wooroonooran National Park

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World Heritage Park on the edge of Cairns 

Part of the Queensland Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, the Wooroonooran National Park is about an hours drive to the south of Cairns.  

With the park including the Bellenden Ker Range and some of Queensland tallest mountains, it is well known for its picturesque waterfalls. 

Queensland’s tallest peak

Queensland’s tallest mountain is Bartle Frere, as part of Bellenden Ker Range.  It has a height of 1,611 meters and is  covered by rainforest at all elevations. 

The mount can be climbed via a trail leaving from the Josephine Falls car park and takes about 10 – 12 hours to cover the 15 kilometers return.    

Josephine Falls and swimming hole.

A very popular spot is Josephine Falls.  Established as a recreational area, the Josephine Creek provides a swimming hole and water slide.  The source of the creek is water running down from Bartle Frere and is crystal clear. 

Babinda Boulders

Where three local streams meet and carve their way down a a small valley of boulders, the Babinda Boulders or ‘Devils Pool’ has a history of loss of life for swimmers who brave it.

Otherwise the boulders provide some spectacular scenes due to the thousands of years of water erosion. 

Mulgrave River, Goldsborough Valley Road over bridge to the Wooroonooran National Park, Goldsborough, 2018 02

Mulgrave River – one of many rivers and streams that can be found in the park.

Wooroonoon Park (Mamu Skywalk) promenade by bmr-mam, on Flickr

The valley of the Johnstone River in the south of the park.

Wallicher Falls, is the what it’s called by robstephaustralia, on Flickr

There are several waterfalls in the park, including the Wallicher Falls shown above.

Milla milla

The beautiful Milla Milla waterfall is located on the western edge of the park, off the Palmerston Highway.