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A mining town facing the Gulf of Carpentaria.  

Weipa faces the Gulf of Carpentaria and sits on the end of the cape that divides the estuaries of the Mission and Embley Rivers. It is a mining town taking advantage of the world’s third largest deposit of bauxite.

Mining equipment at the Comalco bauxite mine; Weipa
Urbain J. Kinet / No restrictions

Mine and port

Mining began in 1960 after is was discovered that the local prominent red cliffs were actually large deposits of bauxite

This has resulted in a population of around 4,000 people and extensive port facilities to export ore.

Tropical climate and rivers

Weipa is subject to a rainy season  of intense rainfall for 4 or maybe more months of the year.

This and its position of the estuaries of the Mission and Embley rivers  provide no shortage of water for local wildlife.

Willem Janszoon and the Duyfken

In 1660 Willem Janszoon, a Dutch merchant captain, landed at Pennefather River just a few kilometers to the north of Weipa.
This was the first European contact with the Australian continent.

A replica of Janszoon’s ship, the Duyfken (‘little dove’).

AU-Qld-Weipa caravan park

Bungalows at the Weipa caravan park.

Weipa airport departure lounge

Weipa airport departure lounge.