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Barron Gorge National Park

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Cut by the Barron River on its way to the ocean

The park is centered around the Barron River which has already travelled some 65 kilometers across the plateau of the Atherton Tablelands before it descends through the gorge to the coastal plain and the Coral Sea.

The river meets the ocean just to the  north of Cairns. Being so close to the city, the gorge is a popular toruistattraction, particularly when the river is running well.  

Barron falls january2005
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Barron Falls

The Barron Falls are a tiered waterfall where the river dro[ps a total of 125 meters in four stages.

The indigenous name for the falls is Din Din.

Kuranda Scenic Railway

The railway runs through the national park and has a station of Barron Gorge.

The railway runs 37 kilometers from  the city of Cairns to the township of Kuranda on the Atherton Tablelands. The journey covers spectacular scenery including the gorge and waterfalls along the way.