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Coffs Harbour

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North of Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour is the major city of the North Coast, next to Newcastle. On what is called the Banana Coast, Coffs Harbour with its man made port and beaches north and south, is surrounded by resort townships and national parks.

Coffs Harbour Panorama
By Binarysequence [CC BY-SA 4.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons

The man made Coffs Harbour and historic wharf that used by the steamers and schooners to transport timber to market before the introduction of the railway. The man made breakwaters were added to what was previously a too hazardous port in the days of sail and steam.

Coffs Harbour started out as two coastal settlements that, as they grew developed into one, and with its subtropical climate, the major industry of the area being first timber production and then growing bananas and now this is shifting now toward blueberries.


The city has a population of more than 70,000 and is expanding rapidly with more and more of the surrounding townships becoming its suburbs.

The name comes from John Korff, ship captain and owner of a ship building company, who sheltered there in 1847. The government surveyor of the time changed the name to Coffs.

Flights to and from Sydney and Melbourne leave from the Coffs Harbour airport daily.

Beautiful swimming and surfing beaches can be found among the resort towns to both the north and south of the city and on the city foreshore itself. Patrolled beaches during the summer and holiday months are at the central Park Beach and the northern Diggers Beach.

In addition to boating and water sports, Coffs Harbour is where the Great Dividing Range comes closest to the coast along the North Coast and is surrounded by fourteen national parks and reserves ideal for hiking and sightseeeing excursions.

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