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Hyde Park

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Located within the Sydney central business district, the 16.2 hectare and beautifully maintained Hyde Park grew out of “The Commons” of the old colony.

The worlds best Hyde park Sydney
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A welcome respite from the city bustle that occurs just beyond its borders, the park has been a place for the people of Sydney going right back to the original settlement there. Over the 200 or years or so since, the park has been used for many things including horse racing, cricket and rugby matches and boxing tournaments and is the oldest public parkland in Australia.

The park sits in the middle of many of the historical buildings from the first colony and is adjacent to The Domain.

Archibald Fountain, Sydney
By Jorge Lascar [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The centerpiece of the park is the Archibald Fountain. The fountain was designed in France and donated in 1932 as part of the park by the publisher J F Archibald, honoring the contribution of Australian forces in World War I in France.

The park was completely redesigned and put there much as it is now in 1926, with some of the major monuments such as the fountain and war memorial included within the following decade.

Hyde Park (2049730121)
By Phil Whitehouse from London, United Kingdom (Hyde Park) [CC BY 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons
Emden gun in Hyde Park

War memorial: gun from the German cruiser ‘Emden’.

Hyde Park water fountain

Water fountain


The Hyde Park Barracks Museum at the edge of the park- built by and to house convicts working on government projects in Sydney.